With the most modern technical means of production and assembly, VIPSAM™ processes best quality raw materials based on copper and brass and produces intermediate and final products with the high added value of quality and reliability of its brand.

The kernel of a radiator, the core, is produced in 4 basic types of arrangement of the cooling fins and circulation pipes of the coolant (water, air or oil), so as to meet the specific cooling needs of each machine. In each type there is the possibility of additional modifications to the density of fins and pipes or the bases of the tanks, for successful operation even in the most adverse stress conditions on the asphalt, in the building, in the field, in the sea.

The tanks are constructed in a strictly standardized production line, and their configuration is based on matrices designed with absolute precision. Their easy and watertight adaptation to the core for which they are intended is ensured, with the help of the specially designed bases of each core.

Auxiliary components complete the image of a complete radiator. Filler necks, valves, support bases are effortlessly attached to the tanks, in the pre-designed positions.